About Us

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to continue designing customised camps, retreats and other curricula which will examine the importance of character and clear value systems. This will help lead each child in exploring the concept of ethical and spiritual awareness, not just religion but in basic good qualities such as human affection, a sense of involvement, honesty, discipline and human intelligence guided by positive motivation as it relates to their own lives.

Our Mission

To provide a wholesome and fun environment, a unique and valuable experience where each child can grow spiritually, emotionally and physically in becoming future custodians of the natural world in which they live in.

Our Core Values

Lift the spirits of children by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the human-animal connection.

Ensure that every Sommersby Ranch programme promotes self-esteem, encourages independence and personal growth, and facilitates connections between individuals facing similar challenges so they can draw strength from one another.

Offer a place of peace, serenity and safety where children can experience the joys of nature and the healing that comes from the unconditional love, comfort and acceptance offered by animals.

To produce and encourage environmentally conscious youngsters by teaching them to co-exist with nature and their environment, and promote conservation education through what we offer.

Protect the well-being and interests of all animals residing at Sommerby Ranch.

Sommersby Ranch Philosophy

Sommersby Ranch is a place where children can feel healing and loving energy, where they can learn about the beauty of nature, and nurture a path of connectedness.

Each aspect of the Sommersby Ranch experience is designed to enhance well-being and nurture the body, mind and spirit of each individual.

The environment allows for wonderful moments exploring nature, interacting with the animal residents, learning new skills and forging life long friendships.

The guiding principle at Sommersby Ranch is to ensure that every child has a magical, joyful, transformational experience, and leaves us with a deeper respect for the environment, a greater understanding of the intelligence and healing nature of animals, an unconditional acceptance of others, and a strong sense of self-worth.

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