Our Story

‘Sommersby’ is a full feature film released in 1993.
It is a story where love and honour collide, forcing the heart to find its place. The film gave me an understanding of how eternal and all encompassing – love is. It is a desperate, compelling and passionate drama that left me with one question: ‘Where does my heart lie?’ The answer led me to fulfil a childhood dream and the name Sommersby has remained synonymous with courage, relentless determination, and unbridled passion.

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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to continue designing customised camps, retreats and other curricula which will examine the importance of character and clear value systems. This will help lead each child in exploring the concept of ethical and spiritual awareness, not just religion but in basic good qualities such as human affection, a sense of involvement, honesty, discipline and human intelligence guided by positive motivation as it relates to their own lives.

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The Horse-Human Connection

“The horse is representative of the intuitive aspect of human nature.”
So observes psychiatrist, influential thinker, and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung. He also affirms that, “by working and living with horses, we become attuned with our inner truths and balance which contribute to the evolution of the human psyche.”

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