Sommersby Ranch Programmes & Camps

Horse-Inspired Enrichment Programme for Junior School Students

  • Let’s Be Friends
  • Going to Horse School
  • What is the Horse Trying to Tell Me? (Horse Body Language)
  • The Horse at Home (Herd Dynamics)
  • Working with Horses
  • Let’s Have Fun (Learning to Ride)

Horse-Inspired Enrichment Programme for Senior Primary School Students

  • Building a Relationship
  • Relationship Training
  • The Language of Horses
  • What It Means to Be a Horse (Herd Dynamics & Psychology)
  • Working with the Horse (Round Pen Training)
  • Learning How to Ride

Camp One – Relationship Building

  • Understanding the Horse
  • Horse Behaviour & Psychology
  • Herd Dynamics
  • Applying ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ to Relationship Building
  • How Horses Can Help Us Be Better Human Beings

Camp Two – Basic Horsemanship

  • Safety Around Horses
  • The Basics of Riding
  • Management of Horse Keeping
  • Handling Challenges
  • Groundwork
  • Round Pen Training

Camp Three – Principles for Life Enrichment

  • The Cowgirl Creed
  • Values That Sustain Us
  • Creating Your Own Circle of Life
  • Attitude Speaks of Authenticity
  • Patience Requires Discipline
  • Initiative Demands Vision
  • Change Becomes Possible Through Faith
  • Aspirations Give Rise to Belief
  • Personal Principles to Live By

Holiday Camps / Retreats (5 Days)

Our holiday camps/retreats are structured and planned over a 5-day period and encompass five levels of learning.
These are: Riding / Horse Management / Personal Enrichment / Life Skills / Crafts

Subjects / Topics covered in the learning areas are:

  • Riding – safety, handling, schooling, round-pen training
  • Horse Management – feeding, grooming, farrier, basic veterinary
  • Personal Enrichment – cowgirl/cowboy principles, values, interpersonal relationships
  • Life Skills – First Aid & CPR, public speaking, life management sciences
  • Crafts – leather work, cooking, art, hand sewing, creative writing, poetry

Fees are inclusive of accommodation, meals, notes and certificates. For craft days, parents will be notified of extras children need to bring.