Doing It My Way

This book took me 27 years to write as I had to live through my experiences in order to have had something worthwhile to share with other women.

I lived my life for 40 years trying to be everything to everybody and giving little consideration to what I wanted for myself or out of life.

When I finally realised that ‘this is my life’ I needed to figure out how I was going to get from where I was, to where I wanted to be.

The book is my personal journey of self transformation. In it I devised simple tools which helped me to re-invent myself, and find the authentic woman within me, who was waiting to be unleashed.


My thoughts were: “What message is this lady going to try and bring across to me?” I am glad I stayed and listened to you.I initially heard what you said, but started listening as I realised that this was a really personal journey for you. I could pick up on your emotions as I read between the lines, as you offered little insight as to what you had endured during your journey. What you had experienced resonated with experiences that I had encountered along a crooked path that I once followed. You did not have to offer much in terms of words as I was able to pick up, through emotion, the turbulence that you encountered along your path. I also appreciated that not every person would understand your journey if they had not had similar experiences themselves.
I admire your courage for having taken this step toward being the wholesome individual that you now are…….still growing as you continue to learn.
Jennifer Retief

Dear Cesaltina: I finished reading your book. You are an inspiration for your strength and courage in relating your tale and sharing with others. Many times we go through life not sure which path to take, but if we question and examine long enough, as you have demonstrated, the answers come — sometimes all at once or sometimes in bits and pieces.
Best of luck with your writing.
You surely have talent.
Elaine Williams

Dear Cesaltina
I read your book over the weekend. I can’t thank you enough for putting this personal journey down on paper. It really spoke to me. I suddenly realized what a long road I’ve traveled (I’m 45) even though I never think of it, and most of the time think I’ve achieved absolutely nothing! I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a person and spiritually in the last 2 years since I started my own business.
As you mentioned in your book, there have been books that have “come to me” just when I needed them. Yours was one of them.
This may not be a comfort to you, but it was a REAL comfort to me to know that someone who appears to be so “together” has had a hard time in her past.
I always feel so alone, but now I realize that if life was like eating a marshmallow, what would we learn? My trials and tribulations have formed me and made me stronger.
Thank you so much.
Gerda Kollmann

Well,If you have ever heard about a kick in the but, that is all I can say about you and the book. After hearing your story, I got off
Comfy bum and will be starting my own business by the end of September.
I must say it seemed scary and have been playing with the idea for several months.
Not wanting to take the risk, afraid of failure and that little comfort zone……………
Your book is fantastic and I am using your book as motivation……got it on my dresser.
I hope that the future will bring you endless success and eternal fulfillment in all aspects
Of your life.
I is great to be successful, wealthy and strong but more difficult to be all that and still stay thankful
And humble……………….and that is what your story brought across to me.
Linda Nel

Dear Cesaltina,
Thank you for contacting me.  It has been a privilege to share in your special moment.
Cesaltina , I want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift you gave me.
I have read your book and I am so grateful for the experiences you have shared.  So many things you have gone through I can relate to and I enjoyed every minute of reading your book.
I admire your courage and your strength and your determination to complete this wonderful book you have written.  I hope that one day I may have the courage to follow in your footsteps.  I believe that your book is a great tool and there is a lot to learn from the experiences you have shared.
Please will you let me know more about the workshops you offer.
I wish you the very best.
Thank you once again.
Tanya Moffett