A Cowgirl & Her Horse


In the world we live in today, it is easy to become spiritually dry.

Staying faithful becomes an act of will, and we find ourselves drifting further away from God because God himself seems distant.

But God, in his infinite wisdom, created a creature whose form would resonate deeply within a woman’s soul. By communing with horses, young girls can be taught that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons, and there are no negative experiences, only opportunities to grow.

Together with her daughter, Brooke, Cesaltina da Cunha has written a book that allows the reader and horse owner the opportunity to document her growth, whether it’s her relationship with God, the people in her life, or with her horse. The book also allows her to contemplate her own actions and helps her gain a greater understanding of God and his character.

This book is about a young girl’s walk towards knowing God. It is about reaching out to and empowering young girls to be their authentic selves, to follow a spiritual path, and to instil in them confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy sense of self-worth. A Cowgirl and Her Horse is a must read for young Christian girls who love their horses.

Cesaltina da Cunha lives in South Africa. She’s worked with horses and children for the last twenty years, using the horses as teachers and healers. She is the author of Doing It My Way and God, Horses, and Cowgirls.