Equine Organiser

A Service Book for Horses!

The Equine Organiser is a user friendly tool to keep the horse owner up to speed on all her horse’s needs and important records.

The A5 Compact Organiser will assist horse owners manage and maintain records without too much fuss.

The Equine Organiser covers enough pages for 3 horses and is equipped to detail the following information:

Important Contact Numbers
History & Condition
Progress Evaluation at 3, 6, 9 and 12 Months
Work & Training Schedule
Veterinary Records
Farrier Records
Care & Rehabilitation Required
Rehabilitation Management
Additional Care & Management
Hay & Feed
Trucking & Transport
Lessons & Additional Training

Show & Competition
Tack & Equipment
First Aid
Dealing with Challenges
Holistic Practioners and What They Do
Plus useful information for the discerning horse owner

A MUST for ‘rushed-off-the-feet; horse owner with little time to spare!