Cesaltina da Cunha – Author

Vision Films & Publications was born out of my sheer determination to succeed both as a writer of books and screenplays, and out of the vision to see, the faith to believe and the courage to do. I am a gentle soul and a passionate dreamer, inspired by life and love.

I had a passion for writing from a very young age. Writing was my escape. I could be anything I wanted to be and I could go anywhere. From the age of 12 I wanted to be a cowgirl and I saw myself on cattle drives and riding mustangs at a full gallop across the prairie. I had a dream as big as Texas!

My studies in journalism and creative writing have taken me through good, bad, and at times, heavenly dimensions. Since the age of 18 I have been writing and submitting manuscripts to book and magazine editors, always hopeful of being accepted. All I have received for years of effort and perseverance is a box filled with rejection slips which I’ve kept for posterity. But my luck changed when Tate Publishing in the USA offered me a publishing contract for my third book, A COWGIRL & HER HORSE

An avid reader throughout my childhood I was also fascinated by films. I dream of one day writing an Oscar winning screenplay.


“In order to follow my creative spirit, I had to have the courage to let go of all certainties”


I find myself easily inspired by different things.
These can be an interesting book, a memorable movie, art, a picture on a postcard, nature, and by authentic people who have the courage to be themselves and live life with conviction.

Spiritually and emotionally I am inspired by horses, a God-given gift. In these amazing creatures I have embraced the totality of who I am and I have come to understand God’s plan for my life.

I am also inspired by expressions of happiness as well as those of sorrow, unforgettable moments and life altering experiences.
Attitude, Patience, Change, Initiative and Aspiration are words that inspire me and have lead me to where I am today.


Most Admired Celebrity & Why :
Angelina Jolie
While most celebrities hide behind their facades, she is unconcerned by controversy.  She has built a career on titillating public confessions. She is also a true humanitarian, using her status to create a better place for the underprivileged and disadvantaged.
She’s sexy, gutsy and very much an authentic woman.

Role Models & Why:
Cowgirls! They lived incredible lives, almost too unbelievable to be true, and they were the strongest women I knew of growing up in the 70’s. They’ve always had a deep sense of faith in their abilities, and a spirit that could not be broken.
The cowgirls of the Wild West were gutsy, tough, hardworking, honest women. They could drive cattle across states, tame wild horses, ride the open plains at full gallop, and work the land. They did the same chores as men, took care of their families, and had babies too. Cowgirls showed women everywhere how to keep their dreams alive and how to fight for freedom from the confinements of a stifling society.
Cowgirls will be remembered for showing a nation of women the right way to buck the norms to get what you want. They were great role models and an inspiration to women everywhere. They lived well into old age by staying muscular, strong and fit, and they were women with wisdom beyond their years. They were tough women who wouldn’t allow something like childbirth or old age, to slow them down, and they lived life with unbridled passion. Always waiting to see what the next day would bring, they never let boredom into their lives. And they understood the difference between being confident, assertive and determined versus being arrogant, overbearing and stubborn.