Life on a Farm

 Life on a farm is tough,
It looks at you with a cruel smile.
Life on a farm is rough,
It’s hard to go that extra mile.
Life on a farm is peaceful,
It can bring you great joy.
To watch life become fruitful,
Is essential to every girl and boy.
Life on a farm is draining,
Sometimes you want to give up.
It can be hard, dark and straining,
And sometimes you feel stuck.
I love my life on a farm
With all my many legged friends.
I am their shepherd, I keep them from harm,
My love for them never ends.
This is my home!
It’s where I belong!
And I’m never alone,
Among the bird song.
Never take me away from here!
It would surely do me harm.
Even as hard as things may appear
I love my life on a farm!
By Brooke Cunha-Johnson