Healing Horses, Healing Hearts.

The horse is representative of the intuitive aspect of human nature.’

So observes psychiatrist, influential thinker, and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung. He also affirms that, ‘by working and living with horses, we become attuned with our inner truths and balance which contribute to the evolution of the human psyche.’

Horses naturally exhibit the ultimate quality of living with honesty, respect for others, fairness and unconditional love. Being in their midst often revitalises our lives because they take us back to our roots, to nature, to movement, and to a challenge and adventure that is dependent on love and mutual understanding.

My first encounter with horses happened when I was around three years old. I had grown ugly warts in the outer corner of my right eye which caused considerable pain and discomfort. Doctors were hesitant to remove them surgically and my mom had become fearful in case they would cause blindness. Out of desperation she sought the help of a gypsy mystic. The woman instructed her to take a hair from a horse’s tail, dip it into fresh, unpasteurized cow’s milk and tie it to the warts on my eye when I was asleep. Sceptical at first my mom did as she was told and each time the warts became smaller until they completely disappeared, never to return again. I have always wondered if this has been the reason for my infinite love of horses, and why I hold them in such high esteem.

When I started the Sommersby School of Horsemanship in December 1999, I had a plan to teach kids about the cowboy ways of the Old West. I was driven by my passion for horses and the yearning desire to find my cowgirl spirit. I wanted to offer children the opportunity to learn life lessons from nature before they set out on the road to adulthood. Somewhere along the way I realised it wasn’t about what I wanted, it was about what others needed, and I learned that I had the ability to help others pursue their dreams by connecting them with horses and nature. Nature offered enormous wisdom and amazing lessons and it made sense to bring in my horses as teachers, and partners. Horses took us both on another, deeper journey, to the realms of healing, awareness and personal growth, and the healing process was spontaneous rather than being contrived. I taught the individuals who came my way how to ride but ultimately they learned about values, character development and leadership. They also learned about hard work, responsibility and respect. Not only did my students become better horse people, they also experienced incredible growth in their personal lives. Together we discovered that horses are teachers of great truths, and working and communing with them forces us to confront many issues which are relevant to daily life.

Horses have always offered me something profound beyond excitement and fun. They have shown me a way to awaken the human soul through nature’s guidance, and there’s nothing quite as healthy, sobering and humbling to the human ego as a confrontation with nature. Horses constantly remind me of what it feels to have every part of my being in tune with nature. It is this feeling of being rooted in nature that creates a balance in my life because it reminds me of what is valuable so I don’t get lost, or stuck in life’s minutiae. Horses have also played a key role in keeping my intentions honest, forcing me to develop a closer connectedness to all things.

Through Gods intervention, horses have brought great healing and inspiration into my life. I am currently an apprentice with the Institute of Conscious Awareness in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A studying Psycho-Spiritual Analysis to bring healing to horses and people.